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They say if you cook with your heart, the food satisfies the soul and not just the hunger. We here at Allthatdips firmly believe in providing the best of the best quality items to our customers. And we didn’t just stop there! Sunday the 29th of July, Allthatdips family held a Sunday Brunch open for all. Held in the vicinity of Vadodara Gujarat, the city of culture, a place where people love experimenting with new cuisines.

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A white sauce pasta needs an accompaniment that is slightly tangy and blends with the cheesy goodness of the sauce. Why not try this Salsa garlic bread made using the Allthatdips ready-to-eat Chunky salsa. You don’t need any extra effort but the results are truly rewarding for your taste buds.

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Have you tried the jacket potatoes yet? Hot, mushy potatoes flavoured with a tangy, spicy salsa and cheese oozing out are not just a visual treat but an irresistible dish for your taste buds too. You can enjoy this as a meal on a cold evening with a bowl of soup or as a game night snack with some chilled drinks.

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Allthatdips Recipe : Moong Daal Chilla. This is one of the healthy options for low fat, healthy and nutritious break-fast. You could eat them as snack, brunch, quick meal and even pack for lunch boxes. They are so delicious even kids would love them if you serve them with allthatdips peri peri salsa sauce.


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Do you ever find yourself in a situation when you are too tired to cookup something nice and you are expecting sudden guests and you are too tired to come up with a one pot dish that everyone loves??

Well try this!! AllThatDips Peri Peri Salsa Rice, awesome and easy to cook. Its ready in 5 mins, if you have all the ingredients ready!! Prep time is 10 mins only.

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