Allthatdips recipe: Salsa garlic bread

Allthatdips recipe: Salsa garlic bread

You can’t enjoy pasta without garlic bread. But the cheese garlic bread or the jalapeno garlic bread have become too common. I am a fan of authentic Italian cuisine and love my bland white sauce pasta. However, when friends come over they demand some extra flavour at least in the accompaniments. Don't judge! After all, we are Indians and we want to enjoy all the flavours in one meal. So to fix the issue and not serve plain garlic bread to my guests, I decided to try adding some salsa to it. The result - happy face, delighted guests because the dish was an instant hit. Here's the recipe:

salsa garlic bread


Bread loaf

Butter, 4 tbsp

Cheese, 3 tbsp grated

Allthatdips Chunky salsa, 4 tbsp

How to proceed:

  1. Cut the bread loaf or use entire slices.
  2. Mix the Allthatdips salsa with butter at room temperature.
  3. Lightly toast the bread.
  4. Spread the Allthatdips Chunky salsa and butter spread on the bread evenly.
  5. Sprinkle grated cheese and heat in oven or microwave till cheese melts slightly.


1. You don't need fancy french loaf. You can use your regular bread too. If you have 

2. If you have pav or burger buns, go ahead and use them too. 

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