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They say if you cook with your heart, the food satisfies the soul and not just the hunger. We here at Allthatdips firmly believe in providing the best of the best quality items to our customers. And we didn’t just stop there! Sunday the 29th of July, Allthatdips family held a Sunday Brunch open for all. Held in the vicinity of Vadodara Gujarat, the city of culture, a place where people love experimenting with new cuisines.

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Amazing dips that you can make using allthatdips dips.. here is an easy recipe for awesome shrimp dip that you will love..

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A white sauce pasta needs an accompaniment that is slightly tangy and blends with the cheesy goodness of the sauce. Why not try this Salsa garlic bread made using the Allthatdips ready-to-eat Chunky salsa. You don’t need any extra effort but the results are truly rewarding for your taste buds.

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Dips signal party mode like few other foods. Dips can serve party crowds and almost everyone is going to be happy about it.  With Summer vacations on swing families are able to throw family oriented parties now and kids love the dips especially the peri peri salsa sauce and the classic salted hummus by allthatdips And sharing in the fun will be hosts who like the convenience of an appetizer that comes together quickly, can be made in advance and lets guests serve themselves. "Dips are great for entertaining. There's no doubt about that," Wilkinson says. "There are endless options...

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What is hummus?   Hummus is one of the world’s oldest foods, with evidence suggesting use of chickpeas by ancient Egyptians 7,000 years ago and active cultivation in the Mediterranean basin beginning around 5,000 years ago. With the emergence of health-conscious food trends, hummus has become a popular dish for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, and is a staple of modern Middle Eastern cuisine. Allthatdips hummus keeps original basic recipe to maintain the best nutrition just adding some modern flavours to share some fun way of having great diet! Features The nutritional value of traditional hummus is derived mainly from its...

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