Sunday Brunch by ALLTHATDIPS- Finger food for your party!

Allthatdips fresh dips and spreads - buy dips online

They say if you cook with your heart, the food satisfies the soul and not just the hunger. We here at Allthatdips firmly believe in providing the best of the best quality items to our customers. And we didn’t just stop there! Sunday the 29th of July, Allthatdips family held a Sunday Brunch open for all. Held in the vicinity of Vadodara Gujarat, the city of culture, a place where people love experimenting with new cuisines.

Allthatdips fresh dips- buy dips online

Our chef taught a range of exclusive recipes which are quick, easy and fun to make for your next celebration. Be it a birthday party or a friends reunion, these dishes would help you win over the hearts of your guests and create mouth watering recipes. Our varied Menu included Vietnamese Spring roll with Allthatdips Sichuan dip, Loaded Nachos with Allthatdips Chipotle Aioli, Aloo Paneer Bird Nest with Allthatdips Guacamole and Salsa Picante, falafels with Allthatdips Fresh Hummus and Veggie Sliders with Allthatdips In & out dip. These dishes were super fun to make and were oh-so delicious! These dishes were served as a brunch buffet along with choices of beverages. The guests loved it so much, the plates were wiped clean! Kids as well as adults, everyone kept coming back for more and more.

The crowd surely enjoyed learning as well as eating these mouth watering dishes. A brunch with a little bit of learning and a lot of fun, it surely was a success! The family at Allthatdips would like to thank everyone who came and made this event a success. We surely meet again in few days with new recipes and a new theme. We aim to expand our family the next time and we hope to create lot more innovative recipes for different occasions.

Along with the brunch, we had an exclusive sale of our products for the guests which they get to take home and enjoy with their favourite foods! Towards the end of the event, guests were given exclusive coupons from our Partner Magson, which would benefit them in any outlet of the Store all over town.

The guests also got a sneak peek into our New Venture ‘BeChef’ – a new line of delicious and healthy sauces made to make your cooking easy and delicious which will launch in the market soon. Some of our new items are Tahini sauce, Harissa sauce, Hot sauce and lots more!  Our chef also taught how to include these sauces into the recipes and how easy it is to create restaurant style food at home! We hope our recipes would enable our guests to have a stress free and a super fun party!

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