Allthatdips recipe: Baked beans and salsa
Why rely on the store bought, preservative loaded when you can make them at home from scratch in just 7-8 minutes. With the Allthatdips salsa Tomate, you can now give baked beans the exact tangy flavour. What’s even better is you get to enjoy chunkier baked beans Mexican style. Allthatdips salsa is preservative free and hence will make your baked beans a healthy breakfast option if you are trying to follow a healthy diet.
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Allthatdips recipe: Salsa and mayo loaded French fries
If you love potatoes, french fries are bae. The crunchy, light, golden brown sticks commonly referred to as chips are addictive. Plain, salted fries - tasty, dip them in ketchup or mayo - delicious, load them with AllThatDips salsa and mayonnaise - divine. Serve them at high teas, kitty parties or cocktail evenings.
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Allthatdips Recipe: Peri Peri Salsa deviled eggs
Little did I know that just the addition of one extra sauce to the traditional recipe would make such a huge difference to the taste of the classic deviled eggs. The tart and spicy taste of the salsa blends just perfectly with the boiled yolks to give it a chunky feel. Relish the perfect starter to any cocktail evening - deviled eggs with AllThatDips Peri Peri Salsa
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