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I'm toh always up for a dosa, are you too? The thought of street style dosa or dosa at home gives me immense pleasure to my heart! But have you ever heard of Burnt Garlic Mushroom Dosa? No? Well, you have to try as this Indo-Chinese fusion is now one of my favorites of all. 

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What you can possibly think of when you hear the word "Broccoli"? I know, nothing but a smaller version of trees that are boring and tasteless. But did you know the consumption of broccoli has increased over 940%? Amazed, right? Me too. So, there definitely has to be something nutritious in broccoli, surprisingly there are lot of healthy components. They are packed With Vitamins, Minerals and Bioactive Compounds. Now, what if we make broccoli interesting for you? Want to know how? Refer this recipe below

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Burnt Garlic Sauce is a classic Mongolian style sauce that is made with slow roasted garlic chunks with Vinegar and White Pepper. And, in this recipe, we are going to savor the taste of Burnt Garlic with stir fry Mushroom using Bechef Burnt Garlic Sauce. Want to know how this is going to turn out to be? Let's check out this recipe. 

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For the love of all things pungent and precious, we like to keep our Bechef Burnt Garlic Sauce simple. Its deliciousness comes from slow roasting of garlic cloves in sunflower oil.

Use the Bechef Burnt Garlic sauce as a perfect companion to add umami to your dishes. Make a delicious fried rice, sautéed stir fried veggies or noodles. We love it as a dip to go along with fritters or as a spread for the sandwiches.

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Name Magnolia Mongolian Nationality Greater Mongolia, China Profession Garlic Farmer Likes Loves Cooking Feeding People Creating new recipes from Garlic from her farms Table Tennis Champion Sun Sign Libra Favourite Dishes Burnt Garlic Soup Burnt Garlic Mushroom Dosa Burnt Garlic Fried Rice Burnt Garlic Stir fired Veggies Burnt Garlic Bread Burnt Garlic Dumplings Favorite Ingredients Garlic Peppers More Garlic Meet Magnolia Magnolia is a simple farmer with passion for garlic and alturism. She has developed a recipe for burnt garlic Sauce where she slow roasts garlic over extended period of time and then slowly infuses the devine aroma of burnt...

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