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Do you crave for Delicious Chinese Food. Easy to make 2 minute recipe will Help you satisfy midnight craving or a quick meal. As usual I had midnight cravings post dinner around 11 pm.  My wife Riddhi made this dish in matter of 5 mins from the leftovers and I was pleasantly delighted with the results of the dish and hence I am sharing this recipe with you. 

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Name Magnolia Mongolian Nationality Greater Mongolia, China Profession Garlic Farmer Likes Loves Cooking Feeding People Creating new recipes from Garlic from her farms Table Tennis Champion Sun Sign Libra Favourite Dishes Burnt Garlic Soup Burnt Garlic Mushroom Dosa Burnt Garlic Fried Rice Burnt Garlic Stir fired Veggies Burnt Garlic Bread Burnt Garlic Dumplings Favorite Ingredients Garlic Peppers More Garlic Meet Magnolia Magnolia is a simple farmer with passion for garlic and alturism. She has developed a recipe for burnt garlic Sauce where she slow roasts garlic over extended period of time and then slowly infuses the devine aroma of burnt...

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