Meet Magnolia Mongolian :: Garlic farmer with amazing recipe for Burnt Garlic Sauce

bechef burnt garlic sauce

Name Magnolia Mongolian
Nationality Greater Mongolia, China
Profession Garlic Farmer
Loves Cooking
Feeding People
Creating new recipes from Garlic from her farms
Table Tennis Champion
Sun Sign Libra
Favourite Dishes
Burnt Garlic Soup
Burnt Garlic Mushroom Dosa
Burnt Garlic Fried Rice
Burnt Garlic Stir fired Veggies
Burnt Garlic Bread
Burnt Garlic Dumplings
Favorite Ingredients
More Garlic
Meet Magnolia Magnolia is a simple farmer with passion for garlic and alturism. She has developed a recipe for burnt garlic Sauce where she slow roasts garlic over extended period of time and then slowly infuses the devine aroma of burnt caramelized garlic in the sauce with great umami undertones. She loves to cook with the burnt garlic sauce. She has developed various recipes cooking with the sauce and lended her secret recipe to our bechef team.

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