Whats in Bechef Burnt Garlic Sauce?

Whats in Bechef Burnt Garlic Sauce?

Whats in your Favourite Bechef Burnt Garlic Sauce?

For the love of all things pungent and precious, we like to keep our Bechef Burnt Garlic Sauce simple. Its deliciousness comes from slow roasting of garlic cloves in sunflower oil.

Use the Bechef Burnt Garlic sauce as a perfect companion to add umami to your dishes. Make a delicious fried rice, sautéed stir fried veggies or noodles. We love it as a dip to go along with fritters or as a spread for the sandwiches.

Bechef sauces as always promises quality and great taste along with health benefits. All sauces by Bechef are #cleanlabel sauces with #nonGMO and #glutenfree tag, along with No Corn Syrup use and No Palm oil use.


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