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Chefs at Bechef have developed a spicy, Aromatic and smoky jerk sauce. Developed with soy sauce, mouth watering spices and a smoky flavour, our Jerk sauce is the perfect Marinade for your meats. Bechef’s Jerk sauce can also be used as a cooking sauce to make delicious stir-fry recipes.

Use this sauce to create dishes which are finger licking good, which ooze out traditional Jamaican flavours and are yet, very easy and quick to make. A plate of jerk chicken is sure to enlighten your taste buds.



Water, tomato paste, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, acidity regulator (INS 330), permitted preservatives (INS 202, INS 211), stabilizer (INS415), mixed spices and condiments.

Shelf Life :

6 months, Store in a cool and dry place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.  Refrigerate after opening. 

 Wtg : 300 g per bottle.


Suggested Recipe :

Jerk Chicken

Chicken Breast 2 Pcs, Bechef Jamican Jerk Sauce : 4 Tbsp, Salt, Pepper, Lemon 1 pc
Marinade Chicken breast for 30 minutes with Bechef Jerk Sauce. Season well with Pepper and Salt as per taste. Grill Chicken in a open flame BBQ for 15 minutes on each side while basting with the Bechef Jerk Sauce. Serve Hot witha wedge of Lemon.
Along with white sandy beaches and reggae music, Jamaica has given the world the most popular hot sauce and Marinade- Jerk. Originated in Jamaica by African slaves, Jerk sauce is worldwide famous since decades. A classic Jamaican jerk works two ways- a dry rub or a liquid marinade.

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