Burnt Garlic Sauce

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Bechef Burnt Garlic Sauce is a classic Mongolian style sauce that is made with slow roasted garlic chunks with vinegar and white pepper. This pungent sauce is ideal for stir fry, sauté or as marinade.

This versatile sauce can be used to make a variety of dishes including stir fried rice, noodles or soup. 

Ingredients :  Soya sauce, Garlic, Refined Oil, Salt, Sugar, Acidity Regulator ( INS 330), Permitted Preservatives( INS 202 & INS 211), Stabilizers (INS 415), Mixed Spices and Condiments

Shelf Life :

6 months, Store in a cool and dry place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.  Refrigerate after opening. 

 Wtg : 300 g per bottle.

Easy Recipe

Burnt Garlic Dosa

Chef's Choice Recipe

Stir Fried Chicken

 Suggested Other Recipes 

  • Burnt Garlic Rice
  • Burnt Garlic Noodles 
  • Garlic Pho


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