How to make crispy french fries at home | french fries recipe

How to make crispy french fries at home

Craving French fries but don't want to go out? Guess what, you have landed at the perfect place. Well, don't worry I will teach you how to make crispy french fries at home. 

Since you are looking for a French fries recipe, I have got you covered. Craving and mouth-watering are kind of inevitable when you coincidentally see any picture of crispy French fries while scrolling Instagram or Facebook.

As you already know, food is the best satisfactory element, especially for the food lovers out there.

Here in this blog, I have created a step-by-step guide for you to make French fries at home.


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The recipe for French fries displayed here is quite uncomplicated.

Also, the ingredients that you will need to make French fries are sort of handy. So, you can make crispy French fries at home effortlessly.

It may be a sort of new recipe for some of you, but why worry when you have got bechef's flavoury seasonings and delicious sauces to enhance the taste of your homemade French fries?

     1. Why do we love this recipe?

  • Easy to cook.
  • People of all ages love it.
  • Take only a few minutes to cook and serve.
  • Best ever snack.

     2. What variations I can do with this recipe?

  • You can experiment with different sauces and dips from bechef.

     3. What can I pair with this?


So without any further due, let's jump into it real quick and make delicious crispy french fries.

Some special tips for you:

  • Use old potatoes, because the moisture content is relatively lesser compared to the fresh ones. 
  • Final product is quite crispy and significantly tender when you use potatoes with lower moisture content.
  • It is recommended to use clean kitchen paper for oil blanching.



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