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Allthatdips hummus can be used to make even more amazing dips. We love original allthatdips hummus to the core and yet it doesn't hurt to experiment with classic Allthatdips  Hummus and here is an recipe that will be an awesome twist to classic salted hummus.  Ingredients: Allthatdips Classic Salted Hummus 1 pack Beetroot 100ga Lemon 1  chrushed pepper as needed Toast 3-4 pieces Method Boil beetroot for 15 minutes with some salt. Drain and let it cool.  Take one tub of Allthatdips Classic Salted Hummus and add it to a blender.  Add beetroot, salt and pepper as per your needs. ...

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Freakishly healthy and yummy all at once!! You may even question whether its possible or not!! Here I was faced with a challenge to come up with a dish so that was 1) vegan 2) without any carbs 3) low fat 4) high in protein 5) high in vitamins and which was yummy and a party snack!

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