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How to make pasta

The way we are living in this modern era is clearly hustle and bustle to a great extent.

So it becomes remarkably challanging when you need to allocate your precious hours just to cook good food. Eventually, you switch to fast food, a short cut that is unhealthy for you.

However, there must be a solution to this issue. Well, you need some nutritious food that is easy to cook and also takes few minutes only.

If you are agree, then pasta is one of the best options available to satiate your hunger.


pasta recipe


Pasta is made from grain. So it is a good source of energy and fiber. Also, it contains some vegetables to stay engaged to your regular healthy diet.

As you all know, bechef's premium sauces are the key for the pasta recipe. This pasta recipe is made in Indian style, so the spices and herbs used in the recipe can be handy. 

It takes only few minues to cook and serve, if you follow the recipe mentioned here. 


  1. Why do we love this recipe?
  • Easy to cook.
  • Take only a few minutes to cook and serve.
  • One of the best snacks.
  • You can have it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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