Fusion Wraps :: By Chef Miral Bhavsar

Fusion Wraps :: By Chef Miral Bhavsar
I have prepared fusion wraps with ingredient #Arrabita sauce. 🌯
Fusion wraps 🌯

Paneer Marination👇

2 cups Paneer cubes, cut into small cubes (Cottage Cheese
Curd - 2tbs
cumin powder- 1sp
Red chilly powder -1sp
Turmeric - 1sp
Coriander powder -1sp
Kitchen king masala- 1sp
Dry Fenugreek half tsp
Salt. (as per taste)
Ginger garlic paste -1sp

Wrap(Rotis for Wrap)👇
Half cup wheat floor
Half cup maida
Salt (as per taste)
Oil 1sp
Baking powder -pinch

Paneer stuffing 👇
Cumin - half spoon
Capsicum -diced cut
Ginger garlic paste
Paneer (marinated)
Red chilly powder
Kitchen king masala-
Fresh cream
Sugar -1sp
Fresh coriander
Dry Fenugreek
Gravy (onion,tomato, Ginger, Garlic)

For Gravy👇
Onions 2 big
Tomatoes 2 big
garlic 4-5 cloves


• In a mixing bowl add the refined flour , wheat flour, salt, oil, Baking powder mix well together. Add water and knead a soft and a stretchy dough. Keep it aside for 1 hour.
Paneer Marination: take mixing bowl add all the ingredients under marinade into a bowl and add paneer to it. Toss the paneer in the marinade till the cubes are coated well. Cover and set aside for at least half an hour or up to 1 hour.
Gravy :- Add onion, tomato, ginger+garlic, in mixing jar and make a smooth puree.
Heat 1 tbsp oil in a non-stick pan.
Add cubed capsicum, saute it for sec. Then add paneer marination which we prepared , saute for a minute or till lightly golden.
Remove from pan and keep aside.
In a same pan take oil after heaten up add Cumin seeds let them cracked ,then and Onion Tomato puree.
Simmer Gravy until it thickened then add paneer marination .mix well together . Add turmeric, chilly powder , garam masala and Fresh cream.cook it for 5 min low flame.
Now make round Roti from dough .Roast it slightly from both side . The pour half spoon oil to Greece it well.
Now it's time to make Yummy healthy wraps with all healthy vegetables.
Take Roti apply #Bechef #Arrabita sauce and Tomato catch-up for tangy flavour to wraps. Paneer stuffing which we prepared in middle of Roti. Now add Row Julienne vegetables cabbage, carrot, capsicum, Onions over the wrap.

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