Classic Kung Pao Chicken Using Bechef Kung Pao Sauce :: Chef Tamil Chef

BeChef Kung pao sauce - 35Gm
Chicken Thigh Cubes - 200Gms
Dark Soy Sauce - 10ML
Peanut Oil - 25ML
Sliced Garlic - 5Gm
Sliced Ginger - 5Gm
Crushed Black Pepper - 1Gm
Chopped Dry Red Chilli - 5Nos
Fried Peanuts - 20Gms
Spring Onions - 10Gms
Constarch - 1Gm ( Slury)
 Salt - to taste
Kung Pao Chicken
Marinated the chicken with dark Soy Sauce
Heat the oil in pan
Add ginger, garlic and chillies and fry
Then add the marinated chicken and cook for 5mins
Now add the crushed pepper followed by BeChef Kung Pao Sauce
Cook for another 5mins
Finally add add the Slury and garnish with fried Peanuts and spring Onions.

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