Allthatdips Recipe : Paneer Taquitos with Allthatdips Salsa tomate

Allthatdips Recipe : Paneer Taquitos with Allthatdips Salsa tomate

TAQUITOS MEANS SMALL TACOS. Frankly speaking, I find them as small roti rolls that are fried to the perfection. I call them mexican cigars. Check out this simple yet lip smacking recipe that will allow you to cook up some awesome dishes to serve at your kitty party. easy recipes. fun foods. party foods. Kitty party ideas



  • flour tortillas 8 nos
  • allthatdips salsa tomate 2 packs
  • diced spring onions 1 cup
  • shredded processed cheese 1 cup 
  • Paneer diced 2 cups
  • taco seasoning 1 tea spoon




for the filling 


  • mix paneer, cheese, spring onions and 1 pack allthatdips salsa tomate well
  • add taco seasoning 
  • your filling is ready
  • now make the taquitos
  • take flour tortillas
  • add one table spoon filling on one side and roll up the taquitos. roll the taquitos and freeze them 
  • heat oil in the frying pan to medium high
  • fry taquitos for 4 -5 minutes.



serve taquitos with delicious allthatdips salsa tomate.

Alternate recipes suggestions : you can replace paneer with potatoes, shredded chicken or prawns.


Yummy delicious taquitos are ready to serve up with allthatdips fresh salsa tomate!

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