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Bechef Tahini :: Unsalted Ground Sesame Seeds

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Tahini is an Arabic sauce made from the choicest sesame seeds into an oily paste. It is a staple Arabic item whose origin dates back to the 13th century in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Today it is used worldwide in various ways. In levant, it is served as a dip and a topping for falafels and shawarmas. It is also used as a cooking sauce. In  Iraq, it is mixed with date syrup and made into a sweet dessert eaten with bread. It is a rich source of calcium, manganese and omega 3. Bechef’s Tahini is an oily paste made with ground sesame seeds. It’s exotic Arabic flavour is perfect to use as a dip, dressing, cooking sauce or a spread. Bechef sauces are handmade, fresh cooking sauces, prepared with the choicest ingredients. These exotic sauces help to make cooking easy and add great flavour to the dishes.


Ground sesame seeds