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Crunchy Noodles BasketThis is the best and quickest version for all noodles lover. With the #bechef it's gone super testy and easy. Ingredients:Bechef kung pao sauce1 pack Noodles1 cup red, yellow, green capsicumGinger, chilli, pudina leavesHalf cup sweet cornHalf cup peasCarrot chopped1 potato choppedHalf cup Roasted peanuts2 teaspoons cornflour1 teaspoons soya sauce Recipe :Step. 1.Take water in big bowl. Boil water till bubbles came out. Now add some salt and oil. Add noodles on it. Cook for 4-5 minutes. Now stir and soak in cool water. Drain all water after noodles goes cool. Now take on fabric and let it allow to...

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