Crunchy Noodles Basket :: Chef Parul Hiren

Crunchy Noodles Basket :: Chef Parul Hiren

Crunchy Noodles Basket

This is the best and quickest version for all noodles lover. With the #bechef it's gone super testy and easy.

Bechef kung pao sauce
1 pack Noodles
1 cup red, yellow, green capsicum
Ginger, chilli, pudina leaves
Half cup sweet corn
Half cup peas
Carrot chopped
1 potato chopped
Half cup Roasted peanuts
2 teaspoons cornflour
1 teaspoons soya sauce

Recipe :

Step. 1.
Take water in big bowl. Boil water till bubbles came out. Now add some salt and oil. Add noodles on it. Cook for 4-5 minutes. Now stir and soak in cool water. Drain all water after noodles goes cool. Now take on fabric and let it allow to dry little bit. Now add cornflour and mix with noodles by using hands. Add some oil if noodles stick together. Make two equal portions of this. Now take oil in deep pan. Once oil heated well take a portion of the noodles and put them into the pan into a circular shape like a nest and fry until crisp and golden brown, then drain on an absorbent paper. Repeat with the remaining noodles to make 1 more nest. Keep aside.

Step. 2.

Now take a pan, add some oil. Add ginger, green chili, pudina leaves and mix well. Now add capsicums, carrots pieces, potato pieces. Mix well and fry. Add Bechef kung pao sauce and soya sauce. Mix well and add water. Cook till all vegetables cooked well. Take it aside.

Step. 3.

Take noodles basket and add vegetables on it. Garnish with lots of cheese, peanuts, coriander and pomegranate. Our basket is ready to serve.

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