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French fries pizza 2 cup French fries (fried) 1 onion cube  1/2 cup corn  1 tomato cube  1 tbsp black olive 1 tbsp pizza mix Hubs 1/2 cup pizza pasta sauce (bechef) 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese  Method Take a big toothpick and arrange French fries like Christmas tree then apply all that dip pizza pasta sauce, add some cheese, all veggies and sprinkle mix Hubs. Bake 4 min with 180 c  Ready to it

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With best of cricket and summer vacations in full swing, party time is upon us and so bring to you a variety of easy chips and dips combos to serve for this party season and make simple amazing party appetizers with your favourite Allthatdips dips. EGGS LOOSE ON THE FIELD This easy and fast recipe is a sure shot winner when it comes to serving for the game night. I like to keep my eggs runny but then it's purely up to you how you want to serve them. Needs just one Ingredient other than AllThatDips Salsa Picante, ie eggs...

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Do you ever find yourself in a situation when you are too tired to cookup something nice and you are expecting sudden guests and you are too tired to come up with a one pot dish that everyone loves??

Well try this!! AllThatDips Peri Peri Salsa Rice, awesome and easy to cook. Its ready in 5 mins, if you have all the ingredients ready!! Prep time is 10 mins only.

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