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Bechef American Barbecue sauce is made in classic Kansas style made with sun-kissed tomatoes from Chhattisgarh, Mustard sauce made with mustard from Punjab and raw demerara sugar, cooked and smoked to perfection to achieve its unique and delicious flavor.

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  Name Smokey Joe Nationality Proud Texan, United States Of America Profession Ranch Manager in east Texas Likes Barbecue Visiting a Speakeasy rodeo sunshine Sun Sign Smokey doesn't believe in Sun Sings Favourite Dishes bbq corn bbq ribs bbq burgers bbq grill veggies barbecue paneer Rice and pastas Favorite Ingredients mustard tomatoes Brown Sugar lots of love Meet Smokey Smokey Joe was feared man from the flatlands of Texas to the Highlands of Nevada. He was known for his burtality and his skills at the guns. His guns used to always be hot for having fired every hour. This is...

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