Meet Smokey Joe :: the grill gangsta and the maharaja!!

Meet Smokey Joe :: the grill gangsta and the maharaja!!

Bechef American Barbecue Smokey Joe


Name Smokey Joe
Nationality Proud Texan, United States Of America
Profession Ranch Manager in east Texas
Visiting a Speakeasy
Sun Sign Smokey doesn't believe in Sun Sings
Favourite Dishes
bbq corn
bbq ribs
bbq burgers
bbq grill veggies
barbecue paneer
Rice and pastas
Favorite Ingredients
Brown Sugar
lots of love
Meet Smokey Smokey Joe was feared man from the flatlands of Texas to the Highlands of Nevada. He was known for his burtality and his skills at the guns. His guns used to always be hot for having fired every hour. This is why He was known as Smokey.. But all was to change one day.. While travelling from Dallas to Las Vegas he stopped by in a Speakeasy in the outskirts of El Paso. He was mesmerized by the sweet and savory ribs available that the joint that made him think can there be any more love on this earth than the love of food. He became the guru of the Barbecue sauce, which he learnt from the chef at the speakeasy and thus was the bechef barbecue sauce invented. The story may not be as real as it can be... But the flavours are really true to the original one... We love a good story and so do you!!
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