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Schezwan sauce

Are you looking for Schezwan sauce but not sure which one is best suitable according to your need?

Well, here in this post, I have simplified everything about it. I have covered almost everything you may need to know about this sauce before buying it.

Also, I have mentioned the best recommendations for you so that it will be super easy for you to figure out what suits you the best.

What is Schezwan sauce made of?

Each recipe creator has a different style of cooking and different preferences for ingredients in terms of food.

If you are creating a recipe for Jain Schezwan sauce, you will be excluding garlic and ginger. So apparently, you can choose which ingredients to use while making this sauce.

However, there are some fundamental ingredients that must be included in your ingredient list.

The spicy, sweet, and flavourful sauce contains Tomato Puree, Paprika, Ginger, Garlic, Green chili, Soya Sauce, Vinegar, Sichuan Peppercorns, Sugar, Salt, Herbs, and Mixed Spices.

Schezwan sauce taste | Is Schezwan sauce spicy?

It is meant to be spicy.

It contains Green chili flakes and paprika that add spiciness to this sauce. Also, the mixed spices and natural herbs may add a little mild heat to this sauce.

If you love spicy food, then this sauce can be the perfect fit for you. You can enhance the taste of your food significantly with this sauce.

This flavorful sauce also contains sweeteners that will quite effectively control the overheating.

What does Schezwan sauce taste like?

Schezwan sauce is spicy and hot. Contemporarily, It is flavourful because it has some sweeteners as well. That is what makes it a little sweet.

In a nutshell, the it is a sweet and spicy condiment that will enhance the flavor of your food immensely.

Is Schezwan sauce Chinese or Indian?

This sauce falls under Indo-Chinese cuisine. Which originated in Kolkata, India.

This flavourful sauce is a creation of a Chinese community that migrated to India. They combined the classic Chinese method of cooking with prominent Indian spices, herbs, and veggies.

This migrated community used the style of Chinese cuisine that was initiated in Sichuan province, china. It has a bold, spicy and pungent flavor.

Which Schezwan sauce is best?

There are so many brands producing this sauce, but you need to be very cautious while choosing the right one for your use.

It becomes quite difficult especially when there are plenty of options in front of you. It takes your valuable time to research and come up with the most suitable sauce according to the need.

To help you choose the most eligible and authentic Schezwn sauce for your food, I have the best recommendation.

Bechef is the most emerging and authentic when it comes to producing flavourful sauces. Considering the wide audience with different needs Bechef produces Jain and non-Jain sauces.

For the home kitchen, you get Schezwan sauces, and for the restaurant purpose, you get a of these sauces. Bechef Schezwan sauce contains real Sichuan peppercorns giving it a peculiar taste and kick. You can use these sauces as a dip, stir fry sauce for noodles, rice, or veggies.

Schezwan sauce uses

It is a multipurpose sauce that can be used as a condiment, dip, marinade, stir fry, or gravy. This flavourful sauce covers a lot of territories.

It is used mainly in Chinese cuisine. However, you can use it with Schezwan rice, noodles, spring roll, momo, samosa, sandwiches, bhel, and many others.

Does Schezwan sauce taste like teriyaki?

No, the it doesn’t taste like teriyaki sauce. Schezwan is a spicy, sweet, and savory. On the other side, Teriyaki is also savory but the sweetness is comparatively more additional than the Schezwan sauce.

Is Schezwan sauce hotter than kung pao?

Yes, it is hotter than kung pao sauce. Kung pao sauce is mildly zesty, sweet, and nutty. These two are pretty similar but taste-wise, Schezwan is zestier.

Is Schezwan sauce high in sugar?

No, this sauce is not high in sugar. Schezwan sauce contains a little amount of sugar to control the heat. It is good for healthy individuals as well, but don’t have too much of it.

Is schezwan vegetarian or non vegetarian?

It is made with 100% veg. Ingredients. So both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can enjoy it. Apart from that, if you need more specific options, Bechef offers you Schezwan sauce and non-Jain Schezwan sauce. 

Author: Raj Padvi

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