When one thinks of chinese cuisine, long boiled noodles, perfectly cooked rice and spicy chilli oils, all these come to mind. Noodles made with spicy sichuan sauce, wontons created with tingling taste etc. are all a part of our chinese fantasies. We all crave a lil spice in life and chinese cuisine never fails to satisfy our hunger! ALLTHATDIPS shares the same love for chinese, so we have created the perfect spicy Sichuan dip/ sauce which would help you create mouth watering spicy dishes with minimum effort!

We don't just stop there, we have handpicked for you, few very easy and very different dishes, which you can prepare with our Spicy Sichuan sauce and satisfy your hunger! So read on to find out few out of the box recipes!


1.  Sichuan Onion rings

The ultimate finger food which we all hog on with utmost devotion! What if we were to bring a spicy twist to the classic onion rings? Just dip in your rings in ALLTHATDIPS Spicy Sichuan dip and coat it with eggs+ Cheesy Doritos crumbs. Fry then till golden brown and serve with Tomato ketchup. So easy yet so delicious!

2. Sichuan Cheese Stuffed Paratha

Us Indians are huge Paratha Maniacs. We start off our day with paratha + chai and indulge in various varieties of stuffed parathas to satisfy our hunger. So why not create a paratha with a Chinese twist to it? In a bowl of grated cheese, add in a spoonful of ALLTHATDIPS Spicy Sichuan dip, chopped onions and capsicum. Roll out round parathas with the cheese mixture stuffed in them and enjoy a cheesy spicy paratha! 

3. Sichuan rice balls

A dish to satisfy your mid day craving. Just use up leftover rice, add in ALLTHATDIPS Spicy Sichuan dip along with chopped onions, capsicum, green chillies and grated mozzarella cheese. Mix them into small balls and coat them with eggs and bread crumbs. Deep fry them until golden brown and serve hot. So easy, so economical and so delicious!

4. Sichuan fried chicken

Marinade chicken thighs in a mixture of buttermilk+ ALLTHATDIPS Spicy Sichuan dip. Fry them in a deep fryer and serve with a garnish of spring onions and cilantro. A perfect spicy chicken dish to enjoy any time of the day!

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A dip so versatile and so delicious, it blends up with any flavour and gives a kick of taste with every bite! Try ALLTHATDIPS Spicy Sichuan dip and never have a boring meal.

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