ALLTHATDIPS aims at thinking international but going local. America is famous for a lot of things. The people of America are huge foodies and always indulge in amazing mouth watering dishes. One among the lot, is the food chain In & out burgers. A fast food joint which is famous for it's burgers and delicious sauces. 

So why not bring the American flavours to India in our households? ALLTHATDIPS In & Out dip, is a tangy and spicy dip which works best as a spread for your sandwiches and burgers. Made with the likes of gherkins, fried onions and jalapenos, one spoon of the dip is sure to enlighten your taste buds! We give you few unique recipes to enjoy with this dip and to make your meals more delicious!

1. In & Out Loaded Fries

The best way to enjoy a no fuss meal! Add in your french fries, Cover them up with ALLTHATDIPS In & Out dip, add in chopped onions, capsicums, spring onions and Fried onion chunks. garnish with grated cheese and Oregano. Bake until the cheese melts and Serve hot!

2. Baked Mac n Cheese with In & Out

A dish that has been a favorite for generations and still continues to rule! A classic, creamy and cheesy mac n cheese, made into a spicy version with ALLTHATDIPS In & Out dip. In your cooked macaroni and cheese mixture, add in  two spoonfuls of the dip and mix well. Bake them until the cheese melts and enjoy a delicious dinner with ALLTHATDIPS!

3. Veggie Sliders

A patty made with grated potatoes, carrots and cucumbers. Add in salt and pepper and all purpose flour. Fry them until golden brown. On a mini bun, spread a spoonful of ALLTHATDIPS In & Out dip, add the patty and top up with a slice of onion and tomato. Enjoy delicious mini burgers as a party appetizer!

4. Chicken Pop corn Wrap

When you need a heavy meal but don't have time to prepare for a longer time, this dish will come to your rescue! Fry some chicken pop corn, chop in your favorite vegetables. On a tortilla wrap, spread a spoonful of ALLTHATDIPS In & Out dip, add in the vegetables and the chicken pop corns. Finish up with grated cheese and fry until the cheese melts. 

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Enjoy international flavours right out of your kitchen. Get the ALLTHATDIPS In & Out dip and find quick fixes for your daily cravings.



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