Meet Abu Alfil :: Harissa Master

Meet Abu Alfil :: Harissa Master


Name Abu Alfil
Nationality Tunisian
Profession Tea Connoisseur
Telling Stories
Eating Spicy Food
Drinking Tea
Sun Sign Libra
Favourite Dishes
Stir Fry
Harissa Baingan
Favorite Ingredients
Red Chilies
Caraway Seeds
More Chilies
Adventure Once upon a time Abu was travelling from his hometown of Carthage to Beirut. He came across beautiful pyramids of near Luxor, while gazing at he pyramids, he had an epiphany of blending Red hot chilies with Cumin and coriander seeds and thus he discovered the secret recipe for Bechef Harissa. The original Recipe was then documented and kept secret for centuries by the guardians of the Bechefistan and were handed over from generations to generations. Bechefistan kings knows the love for the Maghreb cuisine in the India and thus secret recipe was then cooked by the chef of Bechef for the people of India with the original recipe.
Bechef Promise Send Abu Alfil Video of your favourite recipe using Bechef Kung Pao Suace.We you will be rewarded aptly. Every month we will be giving away gift hampers for the best videos created by the users.




    Abu Alfil ki Moonch jaise ho Choohey ki Poonch.

  • Seikh Sultana

    Harissa Master Abu Naam hai mera,Harissa Baingan banake khal leta hu main👺

  • Sanchita Mittal

    “Muchhe ho toh Harissa master Abu Alfil Jaisi warna Na ho”

  • Seikh Suneyna

    Muchhe ho toh Harissa master Abu Alfil Jaisa

  • Seikh Suneyna

    Funny name for Abu Alfil “Muchware Harissa guru”

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