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Looking for the recipe for vegetable masala Maggi? I have a step-by-step guide for you to make delicious Maggi noodles at home.

There are days when we feel lazy about cooking and one thing that comes into our minds is Maggi.

Especially when we don’t want to waste our precious time on the lengthy recipe.

As you know it is loved by millions over the world, yet the craze for Maggi in India is kind of nonpareil.

We love maggie not only because it tastes yummy but also for the least time it takes to cook.

Initially, people used to have Maggi in breakfast only because it was known as a breakfast snack. But with time, people started having it during the day times and also in their spare time.

And now you can see, we can cook and eat Maggi at any time and we love it.

It is the favorite snack of kids, however, people of any age enjoy Maggi when it is cooked nicely. Maggi is one of the easiest snacks to cook.

The recipe is so simple that anyone can cook it. In fact, you don’t even need to be a regular kitchen person to make Maggi.

Even if you are a newbie, you can make delicious Maggi at home. Because it requires the least number of ingredients.

If you buy an Indian-packed Maggi, you get the packet of spices in the packet. You just need water as an ingredient and that is it.

How can I make my Maggi taste better?

If this is not the easiest recipe then I don’t know what actually is.

However, you can elevate the taste and make it more delicious by adding bechef’s Maggi sauce and seasoning.

You can make it taste significantly flavoury and enhance the taste when you add some veggies also.

If you don’t know how to make it yummy using sauce and veggies, don’t worry. I am here to help you throughout.

Simply put, in this blog, I will guide you through the recipe and also I have a list of ingredients that are handy.


Why do we love this recipe?

  • Easy to cook.
  • People of all ages love it.
  • Takes only a few minutes to cook and serve.
  • Best ever snack.


What variations I can do with this recipe?

  • You can experiment with different sauces and dips from bechef.
  • Experiment with some veggies.


 What can I pair with this?

  • Pair with chilli flakes and oregano
  • You can also try with cheese and pepper. 

So, let’s make Maggi noodles in no time.


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