How to make fried rice | Sriracha fried rice recipe by Bechef

How to make fried rice

If you want to know how to make fried rice, then your quest ends here. Here I have mentioned an easy recipe for fried rice.



This recipe barely takes 25 minutes, so you can make this at your home anytime effortlessly.



If you are a foodie, then you might know how crucial is the role of sauce in this dish. But which flavour of sauce to use while making this dish? Don’t worry about that because I have the best recommendation.



To enhance the flavor of the fried rice, I have used Bechef sriracha sauce which is perfectly compatible with this dish. Also, I have mentioned a step-by-step guide for you to cook this dish effortlessly.



Fried rice is a delicious meal in itself because it is loaded with fresh veggies and relevant spices.



It tastes as good as a restaurant version. Moreover, it is a healthy meal containing some vegetables so health-conscious people can consider it in their diet.


In consequence, let’s get ready to make this yummy dish.


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