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TAHINI SPINACH CANNELLONI with SMOKEY MARINARA SAUCE:   For Cannelloni Stuffings:2 cups Spinach, chopped1-1/2 cup Paneer, crumbled1 cup Processed Cheese1 tsp Red chili flakes1/2 tsp Black Pepper crushed2 tbsp BeChef Tahini1 tsp OreganoSalt to tasteFor Smokey Marinara Sauce:1 Red Bell Pepper3 Tomatoes2 tbsp Butter1 tsp Garlic chopped1/2 cup BeChef Pizza Pasta Sauce1 tsp Red chili flakes1 tsp mixed herbsSalt to taste1/2 cup Processed CheeseBoil Cannelloni pasta in a large pan at At Dante. Remove from the pan into a strainer and refresh with cold water and spread some oil so it won't stick each other. Keep it aside.To make Marinara...

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#unlockrecipes #homecookingcontest  All That Dips "Tahini-Date Ice Cream, Almond Crumb and Pomegranate Molasses" Intensely rich, nutty, creamy this tahini ice cream is over-the-top good. I have used dates as sweetener and coconut milk and cream as the base of ice cream. I have paired the ice cream with some almond crumb for the texture and tangy Pomegranate molasses to make it brighter and more inviting. Definitely a healthier and delicious way to indulge in a plant-based dessert! INGREDIENTS - Tahini Ice cream: 1 cup Coconut milk 1 cup Coconut cream 1/3 cup Tahini (BE CHEF stone ground sesame seed) 1/4 cup...

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