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A good hummus is like a gift from God, made from chickpeas, olive oil and tahini, flavoured delicately with pungent garlic and parsley. One may think its next to impossible to find the right kind of hummus in Mumbai, esp with new age companies churning out despicable versions of what can barely qualify as the chickpea paste than the real hummus, topped with extra dose of spice and flavouring making for a sad outing for a hummus connosier.  But things are changing and changing for good. Good Hummus, ie Allthatdips Classic Salted Hummus is now available in Mumbai. Allthatdips Classic...

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          Do you ever feel like you need a quick fix for serving a party food ! You are too tired to cook anything but still you need to have that one dish that everyone will love. Well Hummus filled Devilled Eggs is an ingenious way to surprise and impress your guests!!. A dish so Easy that writing a recipe for it very confusing as I can complete the recipe in less than 50 Words!  Just Hard Boil 3 eggs. Cut them in the halves. Remove the yellow part. Mix Yellow part with One table spoon...

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