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Meet Sonam wangyal, originally from Leh, Ladakh he is a student at Gujarat University and team member at Allthatdips in Ahemdabad. He is dedicated, proactive employee and more importantly a jovial and very good person. Within a short time he has shown his mettle at allthatdips and we all find him as an asset at our company. He loves allthatdips Salsa Picante and Olive Tapenede Hummus. He is a BA students and aspires to be a journalist. He loves playing guitar and singing. We wish him best of luck for his future endeavors and he will always be a star...

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Meet furkan, he is allthatdips employee from Mumbai. He is a dedicated employee who has shown exemplary dedication and great finnese in his work. He hails from a small town of Solan, Raebarelliy, Uttar pradesh and has been assoicated with us since our early days in Mumbai City. His favourite allthatdips flavours are Classic Salted Hummus and Salsa Picante. While not working he enjoys movies, his favorite ones being Ice age series and Harry Potter movies. He considers his mother as his role model for her dedication and devotion. We look forward to having more dedicated employees as Furkan in...

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