Hummus was one of the first “health foods” I fell in love with many moons ago. It was also one of the first recipes I tried from scratch. After realizing how easy it was to make, I was not only hooked on hummus, but could routinely be found carting a tub of my homemade creations to any party I was invited to. People are always impressed when you bring homemade hummus! If you’ve never tried making it before, you’re in for a treat. It’s only a few ingredients and one step. Pop everything into a food processor, blend, and you’re done!
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Allthatdips Recipe : Cheesy Dorritos Hummus
How about a whacky hummus... this one is definitely not for the faint hearted or the purists. Cheesy dorritos hummus is made with an interesting combination of ingredients and that doesnt seem to go well with each other in theory but...
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Allthatdips Recipe : Avocado Hummus

Allthatdips Avcoda Hummus Recipe : Easy party Dips

We all love avacodo and hummus. how about a marraige between the two, a combination that will make a hummus that is awesome dip that will a party show stopper. 

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