Ranch style dressing is a classic American style sauce made with the combination on garlic, buttermilk, onions etc. It is widely popular all over the globe for its unique taste and its health traits. It is creamy without being heavy and has healthy ingredients. ALLTHATDIPS has combined h=the classic ranch into creating a very refreshing and delicious Mint Herb Ranch. This is a perfect choice for salad dressing and as a dip with crunchy, fresh veggies.


But what are the other ways where this dip can be used? We sort it out for you and give you few of the best combinations to enjoy with ALLTHATDIPS Mint herb Ranch.


1. Garlic Ranch Chicken and Veggies

A healthy dish with a burst of flavours. Marinade your chicken with buttermilk, salt and pepper and cook to perfection. Add in your favorite veggies in a bowl and mix it up with our Mint Herb Ranch. Add in the chicken pieces and drizzle over some more Mint Herb Ranch. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and enjoy!

2. Egg and Ranch Toast

On a toast, spread a spoonful of Mint Herb Ranch, add on kale/lettuce as per your preference. Top it up with eggs- make it your way! It could a nice sunny side up egg, or a hard boiled, a soft boiled or a poached egg. Enjoy this new refreshing alternative to breakfast toast.

3. Ranch Mac n cheese Cups


A very unique twist to the classic baked Man n cheese. Boil the macaroni and add in the cheese and cream to create a delicious mac n cheese. In a muffin tray, add spoonfuls of the mac n cheese and bake till it turns golden brown. Allow it to cool and drizzle ALLTHATDIPS Mint Herb ranch on top. Serve as a party appetizer.

4. Ranch veggie Popcorn

Who says veggie pop corns are not fun? Grate carrots, cauliflower, zucchini and potatoes. Add in pinch of salt and pepper and a spoonful of ALLTHATDIPS Mint Herb Ranch. create a mixture and roll it into small balls. Coat them with break crumbs and eggs and fry till they turn golden brown. Serve hot.


A refreshing and a healthy twist to every dish is what Mint Herb Ranch is here for. Enjoy this as a dip, a marinade or simple lick it out of the spoon!\

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