Originated from the Mesomerica, is basically a smoke dried jalapeno. It is widely used in Mexican dishes and has been termed as a staple Mexican item. Over the course of time, it has been made available i various ways- as a sauce, as a pepper, as a powder, as a dip etc. ALLTHATDIPS combined the classic Mexican flavours in an Aioli form and created a mouth watering dip. 

Our Chipotle Aioli is the perfect mildly spicy dip to enjoy with any of your favorite snack and it also works well as a marinade or a cooking sauce. Here is a breakdown of few Non Traditional dishes that you can enjoy with our Chipotle Aioli.


1. Chipotle Chicken Fajitas

Sautee bell peppers, onions and capsicum. Marinate your chicken with fajita seasoning and cook it to perfection. In a tortilla wrap, spread a spoonful of creamy Chipotle Aioli, add in your veggies and your chicken pieces. Enjoy a unique Middle eastern Fajita.

2. Chipotle Grill Cheese

The ultimate comfort food of all times- a classic grill cheese sandwich, made in a new way. Mix grated cheese, ALLTHATDIPS Chipotle Aioli, chopped onions and green chillies. Arrange the mix on bread slices and grill until cheese melts. A spicy and cheesy sandwich, the perfect snack for everyone!

3. Chipotle Egg Roll

A mixture of chopped veggies, scrambled eggs and a spoonful of Chipotle aioli. Take a tortilla wrap and in a pan, put it on top of a beaten egg, to make an egg covered tortilla base. Add in the veggie mixture and roll it up! A perfect egg wrap to satisfy your mid day hunger.

4. Cheesy hunter loaded nachos

Loaded nachos are the easiest dish to make. They are super delicious and can be prepared in minutes. Spread nacho chips on a tray, add in chopped veggies of your choice. Tomatoes, spring onions, capsicums, it all works! Add in pieces of cooked paneer or chicken as per your preference, and drizzle a lot of Chipotle Aioli on top. Garnish with cheese and voila! You have your dish.

5. Chipotle Appetizers

A classic Indian appetizer, created in a new way. Make a mixture of grated paneer, boiled mashed potatoes, onions and green chillies and Chipotle Aioli. Arrange the mixture between two monaco biscuits and cover the sides with tomato ketchup and sev vermicelli. Serve as party appetizers.


Isn't Chipotle the perfect dip? Have it any way, it is sure to enhance the taste of every dish. 

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