Meet Teresa Mexicana :: Mexican Hot girl with a secret!!

Meet Teresa Mexicana :: Mexican Hot girl with a secret!!


Name Teresa Mexicana
Nationality Mexican
Profession Salsa Dancer
Spicy Foods
Talking and making friends
Exploring World
Sun Sign Gemini
Favourite Dishes
Re-fried Beans
Favorite Ingredients
Red Chillies
Secret Totally unrelated to Teresa Mendoza, our Bechef queen of South Teresa Mexicana is a totally different type of Queen. She is a dancer and an excellent cook form the small town of Guadalajara. Like any true tapatíos she loves a good shot of tequila and spicy tamales. She loves travelling and has visited all provinces of Mexico twice over in her search for good Enchiladas. She is very famous amongst her friends and everyone loves to come over again and again for parties at her home for good food and dance. But she has a little secret, She uses Bechef Mexican hot sauce for all her recipes. Whether be it Enchiladas or re-fried beans for tacos or taquitas. But she has promised us not to give out her secret and hence we want all the readers to not give up her secret.. Promise!! If you don't keep her secret then she knows Teresa Mendoza very well!!
Bechef Promise Send Teresa Mexicana Video of your favourite recipe using Bechef Kung Pao Suace.We you will be rewarded aptly. Every month we will be giving away gift hampers for the best videos created by the users.


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  • Suneyna Seikh

    Cheers to Salsa Queen-Teresa Mexicana

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