Meet Piri Piri Queen :: Amber SpiceRack

Meet Piri Piri Queen :: Amber SpiceRack

Bechef Piri Piri Sauce


Name Amber Spicerack
Nationality Originally from Mozambique, currently settled in Lisbon, Portugal
Profession Fashionista and Blogger Influencer
Food Critique
Spicy foods
Traveling around the world and exploring food cultures
Exploring World
Sun Sign Libra
Favourite Dishes
Piri Piri Chicken
Prawns Piri Piri
Piri Piri Sandwich
Peri Peri Stir Fry
Peri Peri Fried Rice
Favorite Ingredients
Piri piri chillies
All Spice
Meet Amber Amber hit 1 million followers on Instagram when she was just 15, she hasn't looked back ever since. She is passionate about food and she takes mouth watering pics of amazing dishes of street foods across the world. Of all things in the world her favourite dish is peri peri chicken and she enjoys this simple dish with corn on the cob and a side of potato mash. She is cataloging various recipes of the piri piri spice mix across the world, be it anglicized version from London, to Portuguese version from streets of Lisbon, or original African version from South Africa and Mozambique or Indianized Goan Version. She loves them all. She enjoys Goan Piri Piri Prawns as much as she does enjoy a good piri piri spiced rice. Her Dream is to write a piri piri cook book and document amazing dishes from across the world!

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  • Seikh Sultana

    Love the Piri Piri sauce…Enhances the Taste and flavor like magic❤️

  • Seikh Suneyna

    Haaye Garmi!!🔥🔥 Piri Piri queen Amber Spicerack

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