Meet American Buffalo style hotwings Postergirl :: jane hotgirl

Meet American Buffalo style hotwings Postergirl :: jane hotgirl

Name Jane Hotgirl
Nationality Proudly American, wanna be Indian
Profession Ex Waitress at Hot wings Restaurant
Cooking and serving delicious food
Chicken Wings
All Things American be it cheese, chicken or Chinese food
Singing Dancing and Learning Hindi for her Bollywood dreams
Sun Sign Sagittarius
Favourite Dishes
Chicken Hot wings
Chicken Hot Legs
Chicken Hot Breasts
Chicken Hot thighs
Whole roast chicken with Hot wings Sauce
Basically Anything Chicken Slathered in Hot Wings Sauce
Favorite Ingredients
Chili Hot Sauce
Meet Jane Jane loves her food Hot and Spicy as she is! She used to work in a hot wings restaurant and she has learned the recipe for the buffalo hot sauce from the masters of the kitchen. Bechef in its mission to provide best quality sauces to its customers have offered a hefty sum of money to share the recipe of the best hot wings sauce. However, Jane readily agreed to share the recipe for free against being the poster-girl for the Hot Wings Sauce. This was a win win situation for both the parties. Hot wings sauce prepared by the Bechef turned out to be amazing and can be used as marinade, hot sauce and as cooking sauce.

Her Dream She dreams of becoming a Bollywood actress and superstar. Her stint as the front cover model for the Bechef Hot Wings is her stepping stone to her famedom.
Bechef Request We request you all to make Jane Famous from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari in her efforts to become a Bollywood superstar.
Bechef Promise Send Amber Spicerack Video of your favourite recipe using Bechef Kung Pao Suace. We you will be rewarded aptly. Every month we will be giving away gift hampers for the best videos created by the users.



  • Seikh Suneyna

    Waiting to see Jane Hotgirl in Bollywood movie

  • Priya korjani

    Jane’s dream profession Bollywood superstar

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