Harrisa Smoked Paneer using Bechef Harrisa :: Chef Maharsh Doriwala

Harrisa Smoked Paneer using Bechef Harrisa :: Chef Maharsh Doriwala

Smokey Harissa Cottage Cheese with Stir Fried Vegetables served with Harissa Gravy .

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How to make it??


2)Baby corn 
5)French beans
6)Harissa Sauce 1tsp and 5tsp for marination
7)Cottage cheese 130 grams
8)Milk 1 cup
9)Butter 1tsp
10)All purpose flour 1tsp
11)Salt (as per taste)
12)Black Pepper powder 1/3tsp
14)Cherry tomatoes 


For Harissa Gravy: *Heat a pan add 1tsp butter and 1tsp all purpose flour mix it well. Add 1cup of milk mix it well till its in thin gravy consistency ( add little  all purpose flour  if its thin or add milk if gravy  is thick). *Add salt as per taste a 1/3 tsp of black pepper powder and mix it then add 1tsp harissa sauce and mix it and let it cook for 1min while stirring it and remove it in a container.

Stir Fried Vegetables: *Heat a pan add oil add Mushrooms  and boiled vegetables ( Carrots, French Beans, Broccoli, Baby Corn) let it cook till the rawness of mushroom is taken away and then add salt and black pepper according to taste and let it cook for 3mins on medium to high flame while stirring it.

Smoked harissa cottage cheese : *Add cottage cheese in harrisa sauce and let it marinate for atlea 1hr 30mins and then grill it in a grilling pan. On medium  flame on both the sides.

For smokey  flavour: *Take a handi place a steel bowl in the centre. *Burn a coal on a gass for 10 mins on full flame then place that coal in the bowl add cottage  cheese in handi (around  the bowl )and put butter or ghee on the coal and place a lid over handi and removing  it in 1 minute.

Plate the food in a dish and enjoy🙂

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