Fajita Rolls

Fajita Rolls

Mouth Watering Egg Fajita Rolls
Ingredients: Sliced Red, Yellow and Green Capsicum - 1 cup, Sliced Onions - 1 cup, Egg - 1 nos, Tortilla - 1 nos, Bechef Mexican Hot Sauce - 2 tbsp, All That Dips Guacamole - 1-2 tbsps, All That Dips Garlic Aioli - 1 tbsp, All That Dips Peri Peri Salsa - 1 tbsp
How to make :
- Take one egg in a bowl and Whisk it real nicely
- Heat a flat pan
- Add Bechef mexican hot sauce
- Add veggies & cook it for 2 mins
- Add egg mix to it and sauté with the veggies
- Take the mixture out in another bowl
- Now heat pan and add butter to it
- Take a tortilla and heat it for a minute
- Add Bechef Mexican Hot sauce on tortilla & add the mixture of veggies and egg to it.
- Add garlic aioli , Peri Peri salsa & Guacamole.
- Let it cook for a while
Tadaaa your fajita roll is ready! Serve Hot


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