Zaigon - Bechef's Cloud kitchen rocks Food Fest in Vadodara.

Zaigon - Bechef's Cloud kitchen rocks Food Fest in Vadodara.

It is quite legitimate to say that food event is the way we come to know about the significant magnitude of the amazing food world.

What is it that comes first to your mind when you hear the word delicious food? I have no idea what comes to your mind however, i am pretty sure that mouth watering is inevitable.

It is quite comprehensible that delicious food is love for all of us foodies.


Importance of food events in India.

India holds the first rank in terms of largest range of foods varieties and spices in the world. You can witness huge variations in taste and cuisines as you visit different regions of the country.

To enhance our love for food, there comes food event. Food events are by far the most desirable concepts to satisfy our cravings. Especially for the people who are passionate about foods and loves to try delicious cuisines.

In the recent past, people witnessed several events in vadodara. Events and social gatherings are the way we get exposure to the similar and different kinds of mindsets in society.

People inclined to their respective interests comes together to participate in the event. As the people who enjoy music attend music events, the people inclined to the food attends food events.


Food event in Vadodara

Recently, the food event was organized in Vadodara city of Gujarat especially for food lovers. The event lasted for 2 days but the memory was embedded in our minds for long years to come.

Why not? The event was for all the foodie people so the vibes were totally mesmerizing.

Since it was the food event, various brands and food-startups came together to display their unique cuisines. It was like an ocean of taste and emotions.

The huge variations in cuisines like Indian, Italian, Malaysian, Mexican, Korean, and Chinese made people fall in love with food, as most of the people tried some cuisines for the first time.

You can precisely quote the scenario there like, "The stomach got full but the eyes were not yet satisfied". This is the way Indian moms taunt when you act gluttonous in terms of food.


Why was the food event so special ?

It is in our culture that we Indians never miss even a single opportunity to celebrate. Be it a festival, event, cricket match or any small acheivement, we never let go that teeny-weeny attitude of joy.

Infact, that is the thing which connects all of us together. The food event that happened this month in vadodara was more like a festival and little like an event.

I can't even resist myself to describe the event in such a way because it was the event for people of all ages. Because when the food served is delicious, we just go with the flow.

The food event was fully family-oriented. From teenagers to adults, everybody was in the same shade, same intensity. The event seemed synchronized in terms of human energy regardless of age.

Every individual was in the mood of thoroughly enjoying the huge variations of cuisines.

These kinds of events urges people to stay connected to our base culture irrespective of gender and age. Because delicios food is a universal language.


Why was the food event so special to us?

Recenty, the people of Vadodara city witnessed one of the biggest music and food festival called taste of vadodara.

Seeing the enthusiasm and utter excitement of the foodies, we the team bechef and zaigon decided to involve in more and more such food events.

And in no time, we came to know about these supremely amazing 2 days event. One is Farmers' nest and the another one is The bazar.

food festival

With the utmost eagerness, we as team bechef and zaigon also participated this "2 days food event". It was more than an ordinary experience to serve the foodie people.

Our team was excited and nervous at the same time because we wanted to know the reviews from the people who tried our cuisines in the event.

Since our products from bechef and cuisines from zaigon are loved by millions of people in the market, we tried focusing more on quality.


The center of attention at the event.

We at zaigon serve oriental cuisines however, people genuinely fell for our Malaysian cuisine.

As you know at bechef, we have wide range of sauces and dips but the one product that became the center of attention was the blue butterfly pea tea.

Since it is a caffeine-free herbal tea, people are loving it for it's charming colour also. One of the most distinctive characteristic of this blue butterfly pea tea is that it changes colours according to the change in ph. A blue tea will turn purple with the addition of few drops of lemon juice.

You can also take a look at the video just for an overview.


The bottom line:

Eventually, the event was all about food, emotions, and memories. We are hoping for more such food events to happen not only in Vadodara but anywhere in India

Author : Raj padvi

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