HUMMUS- perhaps one of the most popular and the healthiest dip out of the lot. The people who know the depths of the Century old recipe will tell you this- “Hummus is a dish that nobody owns, it belongs to the region.”

The ALL THAT DIPS family loves authenticity, but to spice things up, along with the classic Mediterranean Hummus, we developed 3 very unique, yet mouth watering Hummus alternatives for you to enjoy. Now we all know the classic way Hummus is eaten, as a dip. But it’s permutations and combinations have given way to an array of Exotic Hummus infused dishes.


  1. Roasted Peppers, Hummus, Avocado and Mozzarella cheese Sandwich

Spread a thick layer of creamy ALLTHATDIPS HUMMUS, toss in roasted Spicy red peppers and add in a mixture of mashed avocados and Mozzarella cheese. Toast the bread to perfection and voila! You have your sandwich.


  1. The classic veggie Hummus Sandwich

Chop you favourite veggies, spread our classic hummus on a bread slice, arrange the veggies, top it with a pinch of salt and pepper and enjoy this delicious healthy sandwich.

Pro tip- to make it healthier, use brown bread!


  1. Spicy carrot and Hummus Sandwich


Mix salt, pepper, red chilli powder and olive oil in a bowl of shredded carrots. Spread Hummus on both slices of bread and top it up with the carrot mixture. Garnish the sandwich with cilantro and savour this healthy snack.



  1. Grilled veggie and hummus wrap


Grill your favourite veggies in a pan with olive oil, add a pinch of salt and pepper to it. On a grilled tortilla wrap, spread our classic hummus, top it with the veggies and garnish with grated cheese and cilantro. Wrap it up and enjoy!


  1. Grilled Chicken and Hummus wrap


Marinate the chicken with spices of your preferences. On a tortilla wrap or pita bread, spread hummus, top it up with shredded grilled chicken. Add in fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes and onions. Enjoy this healthy wrap.




  1. Hummus and Pita Bread Platter


Chopped veggies of your choice, a bowl of rich and creamy hummus, falafels cooked to perfection and a side of  tahini to drizzle on top along with soft and baked pita bread pockets. A dish that oozes Middle Eastern flavour with every bite!

  1. The Hummus Fondue platter


A large dish of chopped veggies, baked pita breads, hot falafels accompanied by oh-so- creamy Hummus garnished with parsley. This is a perfect appetizer to serve and a perfect evening snack idea!


Along with these mouth watering recipes, the creative chefs from all over the world have created thousands and thousands of recipes with hummus. We totally dig these from the lot-

  • Mushroom and Hummus soup
  • Grilled Pizza with Hummus, Vegetables, cheese and black olives
  • Mediterranean pasta with hummus and charred tomatoes
  • Hummus mashed potatoes
  • Hummus chickpea veggie burger


Make these creative dishes or simply lick hummus out of a spoon, you do it, we all do it! Our classic Hummus is sure to make you fall for it’s taste with every bite!


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