Allthatdips recipe : hummus veggie scrambled eggs! High protein breakfast recipe

Allthatdips recipe : hummus veggie scrambled eggs! High protein breakfast recipe

allthatdips hummus scrambled eggs


Want to give your mornings a power packed start!! here is an easy scrambled eggs recipe for you from the kitchens of allthatdips. This no nonsense recipe is all that you need for a high protein start to your day and its easy to make. 

We have utilized allthatdips classic salted hummus in this recipe not only inside the batter but also as a sauce to go along with it. This version of scrambled eggs keeps away the requirements to add cream or lot of butter to make your eggs fluffy and creamy! We have utilized extra virgin olive oil in the recipe to make it even more healthier, however any vegetable oil will do. 

Cook time : 5 mins  

Prep time : 5 mins


  • Eggs : 3;
  • Allthatdips Classic Salted Hummus : 2 table spoon
  • Sriracha sauce : to taste ( optional)
  • White pepper powder
  • Finely chopped veggies : carrots, onions, spring onion, green beans : 1 table spoonful
  • Salt to taste
  • Extra virgin Olive oil : 2 tea spoon


all that dips recipe

  • break open eggs in a mixing bowl, add yummy allthatdips hummus, veggies, sriracha sauce, veggies and spices to the mix
  • mix well. add 1 tea spoon olive oil to the mix
  • take a heavy bottom pan on a low heat, add 1 tea spoon oil to the mix and add the scramble eggs mix
  • keep on stirring until it starts curdling
  • take off the heat after the batter starts sticking to the base of the pan.
  • let it cook further for a minute on the hot pan.
  • serve the scrambled eggs with allthatdips hummus and enjoy!


this recipe is easy to make and gets done within 5 mins. I hope you enjoyed reading this recipe, you can check out our other recipes on this blog or you can purchase allthatdips dips and experiment on your own!




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