Classic SuperSattu

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Hypo Allergenic, High Protein, High Fibre, Low Sugar Drink Mix. 


Ingredients : Black Chickpeas Ground

Bechef Super Sattu is made from finely ground roasted Bengal Chickpeas that are high in fiber, protein and minerals. Each 100g of SuperSattu will give 22 g of protein. 

How to Use? 

USE 1 . Just Mix 2 Table Spoon of the Bechef Super Sattu with 150 Ml ( 3/4th Glass ) of Water/ Milk/ Buttermilk

USE 2 . Parathas!! Sattu Paratha are classic Eastern Up and Bihar delicacy and very high in protein. 

USE 3. Make Pancakes, Cookies with Dough blended with Bechef CLassic SuperSattu Powder. 

USE 4. Smoothie. Blend Bechef SuperSattu( 2 table Spoon) with Curd ( 2 cups) , Banana ( 1 whole) and Berries of Choice ( 1 Cup) with Sugar/ Jaggery as per taste.