They say the way to a man’s ( and a woman’s) heart, is through their stomach. Us at ALLTHATDIPS and BECHEF strongly believe in creating best of the best recipes for our beloved customers and followers. Our dips and sauces have created new advantages of cooking. It is now possible to cook mouth watering dishes with minimal preparations and with less time. But why just stop there? We bring you, our SUNDAY BRUNCH, a fun learning experience where with each edition, we teach various cuisines and dishes which linger with you for a long time.


In the 2nd edition of SUNDAY BRUNCH, we took our audience on a delicious ride all around the world. We picked out best of the best dishes from authentic cuisines of various countries and prepared a menu exclusively for the brunch.



  1. We started off at Mexico. Using our BECHEF Mexican Hot sauce, we created Mexican hot rice burritos. This is a perfect dish to enjoy when you need a quick fix for your dinner. Boil some rice, add in your veggies and beans , add in the sauce and roll it up! The perfect Mexican dish with no extra work.
  2. Our next stop was at Africa, where we combined the classic Hot Wings sauce with mozzarella cheese and paneer and created a spicy mozzarella stick recipe! This was surely a crowd favourite!
  3. Coming back to India, we picked out few authentic flavours from Africa and combined those with our classic Indian Dabeli to create a Piri-Piri Paneer Dabeli. A perfect and quick dish to enjoy as a evening snack with your tea and coffee.
  4. We took of to the mighty Middle east there after and created a healthy Spicy Sriracha hummus breakfast pizza with a sunny side up egg. This won so many hearts! Because a pizza that is healthy for you? Why not!
  5. We ended the class on a sweet note where we created an authentic Lebanese Halva with Tahini, Pistachios, powdered milk and sugar. With the festive season upon us, this Halva is sure to become a favourite!


Along with the cooking session, we displayed an exclusive buffet for the audience to enjoy and experience the authentic taste from all around the world. It surely was a Sunday enjoyed right! Stay tuned for recipe videos of all these dishes. We come back soon with yet another exciting SUNDAY BRUNCH for all you foodies out there.

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