Schezwan veggie roti rolls - By chef Anju Rohit

Schezwan veggie roti rolls -  By chef Anju Rohit
As my kids just refused to eat veggies like carrot, beetroot,cabbage ,etc.. but I have this to given twist to veggies by adding Bechef Schezwan sauce and mayonnaise to it just come out so yummy.
Ingredients we need:
For roti rolls:
1½ cup wheat flour
For Stuffing:
1 carrot chopped in thin slices
1 beetroot chopped thin slices
1 capsicum chopped thin slices 
Cabbage chopped thin n long slices
2 small onion sliced
1 cup mayonnaise
3-4 spoon Bechef Schezwan sauce
Grated cheese
Salt per taste
Finely chopped corriander
Oil as required
For roti dough:
Take a mixing bowl add wheat flour,salt and little knead a dough like chapati dough.knead well till it become soft.
For making stuffing take a bowl and add chopped veggies, mayonnaise,Bechef Schezwan sauce,salt,chopped corriander and mix well.(for extra taste add dates tamarind chutney n mint corriander chutney).
Now divide dough in equall sized balls.
Then roll chapati and roast on tawa by putting oil on tawa.
Then take chapati and apply dates tamarind chutney,Bechef Schezwan sauce, veggies Stuffing and grated cheese.
Now roll chapati tightly and like this prepare other rolls too.
Now these rolls are ready to serve.

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