Honey and Mustard go together like peanut butter and jelly. And these two flavours when combined with mayo to create a creamy Aioli dip, it is a taste you would never forget. Use this dip as a marinade, a dip or simply lick it right out your spoon! Honey mustard dips have proven to be great marinade for chicken. The kids love it, the adults love it. It is the perfect dip.

The sweet and tangy taste of this dip give every dip a unique kick of flavours and enhances it. So what are the few easy ways to enjoy this yummy dip? Read on to know more.

1. Honey Mustard Veggie and Chicken Kebabs

Mix Allthatdips Honey Mustard Aioli with one spoon orange juice, soy sauce, brown sugar and salt and pepper. Add in a pinch of red pepper as well. Marinade your favorite veggies and chicken pieces. Grill them until they turn brown and are cooked to perfection. Serve hot!

2. Honey Mustard Baked Potatoes

A perfect side dish to serve with your roasted chicken and other delicious dishes. Coat baby potatoes with olive oil, cayenne pepper, green onions and salt and pepper. Bake until the potatoes are cooked evenly and turn brown. Toss in the cooked potatoes in a bowl of ALLTHATDIPS Honey Mustard Aioli and serve!

3. Classic Chicken wings

Toss in Chicken wings in a mixture of Honey, yellow mustard, salt and pepper and a little of hot sauce. Marinade and cook till the wings are golden brown. Serve the wings with ALLTHATDIPS Honey Mustard Aioli.

4. The Mustard Tart

Nothing compliments Mustard more than tomatoes! In a baking tray, spread the pie dough evenly. Add in a mixture of Grated cheese and ALLTHATDIPS Honey Mustard Aioli. Cover up the Pie with slices of tomatoes and garnish with Oregano. Bake until the pie crust becomes golden brown and the cheese melts. A very Unique tart to enjoy!

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A unique flavour, combined with ingredients to create few unique dishes! Enjoy making as well as eating these dishes and bring about a change in your daily food routine! 


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