Meet Chaching Sesame :: Kung Pao Master

Meet Chaching Sesame :: Kung Pao Master

Name Chaching Sesame
Nationality Sichuanese
Profession Noble Man
Bossing Around
Kung Fu
Sizzling Wok
Sun Sign Virgo
Favorite Dishes
Vegetable Stir Fry
Chicken Fry
Fried Rice
Favorite Ingredients
Dry Red Chilies
DarK Soya Sauce
Hoisin Sauce
Kung Fu master
Retrieved the sacred recipe of the Kung Pao Sauce from the dungeons of the dragon cave deep inside the jungles of the Sichuan province. Nobel man Chaching has shared the secret recipe for the Kung Pao Sauce with Bechef to recreate the original recipe specially for you!! 
Bechef Promise Send Chaching Sesame Video of your favourite recipe using Bechef Kung Pao Suace at You will be rewarded aptly. Every month we will be giving away gift hampers for the best videos created by the users.




  • Anshu Namita

    Chaching Catching dragon taking sacred saucing.
    Chaching:Hey!Enough of your bossing.
    Give me my sacred sauce.
    Dragon: Sach me (सच में)?(coughing)Sesame?
    Caching doing Kung Fu,snatching sacred Kung Pao,making our dishes wow wow.😁

  • Raksha

    Chaching Sesame- A noble man who barged into the dragons dungeon and got a draggonific recipe.

  • mohnish

    He is wacky!!

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