Meet Caribbean Carnival :: Louis Barbequeking :: Jerk Fanatic

Meet Caribbean Carnival :: Louis Barbequeking :: Jerk Fanatic


Name Louis BarbequeKing
Nationality Carribean, from the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago
Profession DJ
Hosting Parties
Funk Music
Playing Cricket
Sun Sign Leo
Favourite Dishes
BBQ Fish
Jerk Chicken
Jerk Fried Rice
Jerk Veggie BBQ
Jerk Noodles ( Instant Noodles - pasta)
Jerk Corn on the cob
Favorite Ingredients
Scoth Bonnet Peppers
All Spice
Bay Leaves
Meet Louis Dj Louis Started his carreer as a helper at a shack on the beach of Aruba. He would Slow roast ribs and slather them with a special Jerk Sauce. The smell of scotsch Bonnet Chillies and All Spice has lingered in his dreams ever since. We at bechef have made a recipe true to the original taste of the Jerk Sauce and created a recipe unique to Indian preferences. Dj Louis approves of the Bechef Jerk Sauce and loves Fried rice with Jerk sauce & seafood.

His Dream He loves playing Cricket and wants to play at Wankhede Stadium once with Sachin Tendulkar & Brain Lara.
Bechef Promise Send Louis Barbequeking Video of your favourite recipe using Bechef Kung Pao Suace.We you will be rewarded aptly. Every month we will be giving away gift hampers for the best videos created by the users.


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