How to make Sliced Garlic Potatoes- Bechef

how to make sliced garlic potatoes- Bechef

It is always a good conception to try something untried in the kitchen.”

You can find this statement relatable if you are an epicure like me. Cooking is all about craftwork and experiments that you put in to get unique outcomes.

Well, the methodology can be the same but the taste is different. These deviations in the taste of food keep us keen.

And, that is what encourages us to taste the same dish but from a different place. It can be it a cafe, restaurant, or any street food place.

How incredible it is. Same food but not the same at all. Oftentimes, we feel that it could be a great idea to make the same dish at home we tried once somewhere in a street, cafe, or restaurant.

Well on that note, I have something very interesting to share with you. And that is the recipe for Sliced Garlic Potatoes.

Now, this can be your favorite pastime if you cook this dish using the most appropriate condiments and of course the dipping sauce.

But how do you know which condiments and dipping sauce are the most suitable for this dish?

Cheer up, because I am going to share all the suitable ingredients to make this dish at home.

Also, in addition, to elevate the flavor of dishes like sliced garlic potatoes at home, you need to identify the right dipping sauce.

Because the food experts say “The Secret of the food is in Sauces.” Well if so then, Bechef comes on the table to clasp your attention with the widest range of flavourful dipping sauces.

In a nutshell, even we will use Bechef Cheesy salsa dip to enhance the flavor of our sliced garlic potatoes dish.

You can follow the below-mentioned easy recipe and make this dish in no time at home.


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