For the last several months I've had one staple in my diet. Call me boring, call me what you will, but I really love salsa. It can be chunky, it can be blended, it can be hot or just fresh and mild, it doesn't much matter. I love them all. In fact, I love salsa so much I've eaten it with almost every meal recently. And did you know you can eat salsa with more than chips? Here are 15 things you may or may not have thought to try it out on!

allthatdips salsa sauce!



Sure there's your traditional fare of South American foods that are always better with a little salsa, but I'd like to talk about what's in your refrigerator or heading to your table for normal meals. I love chunky salsa the most as it always feels like its own side dish instead of a condiment. Here's what I've been eating it with:

1.  AllThatDips Hummus - yup you heard me correct! mix your salsa with your hummus and there you go voila you have an awesome dip! this one is truly awesome!!

2. Pizza (as a topping or condiment) - Buy a readymade pizza base from your local bakery, add allthatdips salsa tomate instead of pizza sauce. crush some dorittos and sprinkle some cheddar cheese!! bake it to perfection and you will be in an italio- mexican wonderland!! 

3. Fish! - fried fish kebab or grilled fish. add a dollop of salsa picante to the side and there you go! chatakedar fish and dips are ready!!

4. Lettuce leaves (like a boat, or on a salad)!! need I explain it any further! sounds yummy - salsa boat for the kids!! 

5. Eggs - deviled salsa eggs!! really!! it tastes awesome. just replace your mayo with salsa and somehow devil will feel less satanic!!

6. Bunny chow!! have you had this south African favorite? well do you know bunny chow has roots from India?? Well, take a loaf of bread! dig a hole in it... fill it with salsa sauce... i like to bake it a bit to give it a chrunchy exterior and voila.. there you go!!

7. Potatoes: baked, mashed, roasted, hash - just dip have it with allthatdips salsa peri peri... 

8. Hot dogs - long dogs or snack it by the side of your dog!! ruffy is a jealous doggie!!

9. chicken breast! - grilled with ginger and herbs!! side of salsa!!

10. Noodles (cold or hot: angel hair, ramen) - just anything!! 

11. Soup (chicken, tortilla, corn chowder) - everyone has one friend who is afraid of soup. just doesnt like it. Well i served chicken clear soup and added a dash of peri peri salsa to it and since then my friend just loves soup!!

12. Cream Cheese (heated and mixed in) - as a twist to your foundue!!

13. Grains (rice, farro, quinoa) - gives regular old dal bhat run for its money!

14. Pancakes (instead of syrup or mixed in the batter)

15. Corn bread (just mix it in the batter)... 

How do you eat your salsa? Share your methods in the comments below!

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